2023 SUPERCOPA+ Location Reveal

2022 SUPERCOPA+: Bradenton, Florida (IMG)

U90C – 2022 SUPERCOPA+ Full Tournament Recap

U90C – 2022 SUPERCOPA+ Saturday Recap

U90C – 2022 SUPERCOPA+ Friday Recap

U90C – 2022 SUPERCOPA+ Thursday Recap

2021 Premier SuperCopa: Dallas, Texas

U90C – 2021 SuperCopa Full Tournament Recap

U90C – 2021 SuperCopa Saturday Recap

U90C – 2021 SuperCopa Friday Recap

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2020 Premier SuperCopa: Dallas, Texas

U90C – 2020 SuperCopa Monday Recap

U90C – 2020 SuperCopa Sunday Recap

U90C – 2020 SuperCopa Saturday Recap

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2019 Premier SuperCopa: Dallas, Texas

SuperCopa 2019 Sunday Full Recap

SuperCopa 2019 Sunday Recap – Short

SuperCopa 2019 Saturday Full Recap

SuperCopa 2019 Saturday Recap – Short

SuperCopa 2019 Friday Full Recap

SuperCopa 2019 Friday Recap – Short

SuperCopa 2019 Thursday Recap – Short

SuperCopa Hype Video 4

U90C – 2019 SuperCopa Hype Video 1

U90C – 2019 Premier SuperCopa Announcement

2018 Premier SuperCopa: Denver, Colorado

Sunday Recap Highlights

Saturday PENALTY KICK: Will he make it?

Saturday Recap Highlights

Saturday Members Party Highlights

Friday Mini-Recap

Friday Recap Highlights

Thursday Recap Highlights

Thursday Mini-Recap

2018 Premier SuperCopa Welcome

2018 SuperCopa Announcement

2017 Premier SuperCopa: Rockford, Illinois

SuperCopa Soccer Tournament Brings Thousands

Soccer Tournament Packs ’em In Story Rockford, Illinois

Rockford Park District Celebrates New Facility with SuperCopa

SuperCopa Quarter Finals Experience

Premier SuperCopa Championship Day Highlights

Semifinal Chants from the Girls

Autograph with a Cause

Girls “Hudl” Up

Possibly the Boys Play of the Quarter Finals: Do you agree?

PK Shootout!

Last Day of Bracket Games Highlight

SuperCopa Day 1 Highlights

What a Save!


Welcome to SuperCopa 2017

Drone Shot of Opening Ceremony

Kristine Lilly at SuperCopa

2014 Premier SuperCopa: Dallas, Texas

2014 SuperCopa Highlights (High Shots Video)

2014 Dallas Premier SuperCopa